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Memorial Jewellery as unique as your loved one

Sometimes, we need to remember loved ones in a way that's as unique as they were. We understand that. 

If you'd like to work with our team on creating a completely custom, one-off keepsake, please contact us using the button below.


Whether it's a simple case of changing the colours to match their beloved football team, or designing a piece of jewellery completely from scratch, everything is possible. 

You'll have the full support of our team of craftsmen, from the CAD design right through to the layering of the enamel, so don't worry if it's just a rough idea - we can make it come to life. 
If yo

Large Rings
Bead Rings
Pearl Earrings


A ring designed to match or complement an existing piece, such as a wedding or engagement ring, is a wonderful way to remember your loved one.


We can incorporate memories of your loved one or their hobbies, passions or interests into the design of your piece.


Diamonds, precious stones and rare metals can be sourced for you and built into your design, creating a truly remarkable piece of jewellery that will become a treasured family heirloom.

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