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Our process

We're proud of the care, attention and dedication that goes into every single Phoenix by Vaughtons product. Behind each creation is a company with over 200 years' experience, and craftsmen who have dedicated their lives to their art.

A CAD Design displayed on a large screen
1. CAD Creation

Our design team in Birmingham's Jewellery Quarter create 3D images of each ring, pendant, cufflink or earring. This enables us to see the pieces from all angles and tweak designs before we move to creation. 

2. Die and tooling creation

Using this CAD design, we cut dies and tools that enable us to stamp the products in the  large presses at our workshop in the Jewellery Quarter. Every product we create requires a specialist die and tools, which means they can only be made by us, in our workshop. 

A Vaughtons employee uses a stamping machine
3. Stamping

All of our products are die-struck to create a flawless finish.  Our presses can stamp with up to 600t of pressure, depending on the size of the product and the material that we are using.  We do not cast our jewellery as it leaves too much porosity within the material, which can lead to inclusions such as oxides and sulphides on the surface of the metal and can cause jewellery to blemish and stain.

4. Enamelling

In the workshop, skilled craftsmen hand-lay vitreous enamel (hot glass) into the jewellery. We use vitreous enamel as it will not fade, become sun-bleached or discolour like some, cheaper materials. The enamel must be carefully laid in stages, with the ashes mixed into the lower section.  

Final quality check
4. Initial quality check

Every product is hand-checked by our craftsmen, to ensure there are no imperfections. When not creating Phoenix pieces, The Vaughtons team makes jewellery and medals of state for Royal Families all over the world, badges for supercars and even medals for the Premier League, Olympic Games and EFL cups and leagues. Every product that leaves our workshop is a work of art, and we won't accept anything less than perfection. 

5. Hand polishing

Every piece of memorial jewellery from Phoenix by Vaughtons is hand-polished. This process brings out the metal's natural sparkle and helps the enamel to 'pop' against the jewellery. 

Our pieces are always made and checked by hand
Your finished product
5. Final quality check and boxing

After polishing, the jewellery receives a final quality check before being boxed and prepared for dispatch. The whole process takes weeks, because we don't believe in rushing perfection. Your Phoenix by Vaughtons jewellery is forever, so we'll take the time to make sure it's a piece that'll be admired by generations to come. 

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