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Glass instead of resin every time.


You might notice that many memorial jewellers use resin in their products. In some ways, we can see why - it's easy. It's quick. It's cheaper, and it takes less skill.

If we used resin in our jewellery, we wouldn't have needed to spend three years testing, tweaking and perfecting our techniques. 

But Vaughtons' long and storied history wasn't built on doing things the quick and easy way. It's the long-lasting quality of our products that sets us apart and has made us one of the most recognised names in the metalworks industry. 

We wanted to do it right

So, instead of pouring resin into a mould to create your jewellery, our team of artisans heat glass to extremely high temperatures, before carefully manipulating it into the desired shape. It's a highly skilled process, but we believe it's more than worth the extra effort.  

If you're in any doubt, here are our reasons for using glass instead of resin:

it looks better

Glass is brighter, smoother and clearer than resin, which is even more important when it comes to memorial jewellery. After all, your precious ashes are encased within that glass. 

Glass also tends to sparkle more under light.

it lasts longer

Memorial jewellery isn't something you buy on a whim to match an outfit, or because it's the latest fashion accessory that can be tossed aside when styles change. It's a keepsake. A family heirloom. You want it to last. 
Resin usually has a rougher finish than glass and can be scratched more easily during every day use. In addition, resin will fade and can become discoloured over time. Glass does neither, so with a little care and attention, your Phoenix by Vaughtons piece will look as good in a generation as it did the day you bought it.

it feels better

There's just something about the way a luxury piece of jewellery feels. It's wearable as an every day piece, but you can tell it's substantial; it's perfectly polished and smooth to the touch; it's free of any imperfections. 

That's what a piece of memorial jewellery from Phoenix by Vaughtons feels like, and it's only achievable using glass. 

Still not sure? We're happy to answer any of your questions. Just drop us a message by clicking below.

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