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Made in the UK. 

Made in Britain logo

There are many reasons we believe in UK manufacturing. 

It means we don't pollute the planet by importing goods by sea or air. 

It means we can be sure everybody involved in our manufacturing process is paid fairly and treated properly. 

It means we'll never be brought to a halt by a crisis in a foreign country or problems in international shipping lanes. 

And it means we enjoy good relationships with our suppliers. After all, it's easy when you bump into them at the café every lunchtime or in one of the Jewellery Quarter's many pubs after work. 

But what does it mean for our customers? Quality control. 

You might find cheaper memorial jewellery on the market, but you won't find better. We say that with confidence, because we see it through every stage of the process. 

Your Phoenix by Vaughtons jewellery is made in Birmingham, and only in Birmingham. 

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