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Ethically sourced precious metals. Hallmarked.


We know exactly where our precious metals come from. 



Well, they come from just around the corner. That's one of the best things about working in Birmingham's world-famous Jewellery Quarter. We don't import materials from the other side of the world or search the internet for the cheapest products we can find. 

We work with our neighbours - and we have done ever since Vaughtons and WH Darby were launched in the 1800s. While other companies might move to a trendy new part of town as soon as they hit the big time, we've always stayed put, right where we began.


It means we can always pop in for a chat and a coffee with our suppliers and we value our long-lasting relationships, because there's nothing more important than working with the finest materials available. And we want to know that our precious metals are ethically-sourced, too, because we know that's important to you. 

You don't need to take our word for it, either. As soon as your jewellery has passed our quality control checks and we're happy for it to leave the workshop, we walk it straight round to Birmingham's Assay Office, where its provenance is confirmed. 

Buying from Phoenix by Vaughtons means buying with confidence, which is worth its weight in ethically-sourced gold. 

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