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A beautifully simple and elegant charm designed to fit your existing charm bracelet. Timeless features a subtle, smaller cutaway for the ashes - just large enough to allow them to sparkle in the sunlight as a permanent reminder of your loved one's legacy.

Timeless Charm

PriceFrom £235.00
Glass colour
  • Phoenix by Vaughtons jewellery features hand-laid glass carefully layered with finely-ground ashes, which creates a beautiful, sparkling effect without the need for diamond dust or extra embellishments. 

    Hard-wearing, fade-proof and scratch-resistant, glass enamel is the only way to ensure your jewellery is future proof and can become a lasting family-heirloom. 

    Offered in a choice of Sterling Silver or a variety of 9ct and 18ct gold options, your Phoenix by Vaughtons piece can be as luxurious as you desire. 

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