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Treasure loved ones' ashes for generations with memorial jewellery by artisans with more than 200 years’ heritage, in Birmingham’s Jewellery Quarter

Marble Surface
Phoenix by Vaughtons Classic Channel Band Rings Memorial Jewellery

Glass over resin every time.

Ashes that sparkle like stars in the night sky

Ethically sourced precious metals. Hallmarked.

An historic company you can trust.

Made right here. Never imported.

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Every Phoenix by Vaughtons piece is designed to last beyond a lifetime,

because your jewellery should last as long as your precious memories.

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We understand that Memorial Jewellery is different from every other ring or pendant you own. It's personal. It's timeless.

It's a keepsake for future generations of your family.

At Vaughtons, your order is in safe hands. Since we launched in 1819, we've been trusted to make chains of office for Presidents, Heads of State and members of Royal Families all over the world.

We've created bespoke jewellery for Royals and VIPs and we've even made Olympic and Premier League medals, an FA Cup and insignia for the world's most exclusive supercars.

When you trust us to create your Memorial Jewellery, you're trusting 200 years of craftsmanship in the heart of Birmingham's Jewellery Quarter. 



Three years of testing, more than 200 years of experience

Phoenix by Vaughtons took three years from conception to launch, because we won't accept anything less than perfection. 


In fact, we created hundreds of pieces of jewellery using different techniques, machinery and finishes, until we created a range worthy of the Vaughtons name. 


While many jewellers use resin, which can become scratched, dull and rough over time, our craftsmen work with glass. It requires more skill and time, but ensures a more natural, smooth finish that will last for generations - the perfect heirloom for your family.

Using a complex layering technique, we ensure that the ashes are visible within our coloured glass, where they sparkle as a gentle reminder of your loved one forevermore. We never use diamond dust or gold leaf to enhance the sparkling properties of the stone. 

Our jewellery is hand-stamped by craftsmen in our Birmingham workshop, which eliminates the porosity caused by molten metal and prevents imperfections in the finished pieces. 

Phoenix by Vaughtons Classic Channel Band Rings Memorial Jewellery

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